The Little Gift Co - Frequently Asked Questions

The Little Gift Co offers a wide range of personalized and curated gifts, including:

  • Curate Your Own Hamper: Customizable hampers for newborns and other occasions.
  • Crockery: Hand-painted and stainless steel crockery items.
  • School & Room: Personalized planners, cushions, name plaques, and stationery.
  • Clothing & Bathwear: Aprons, denim jackets, T-shirts, slides, towels, bathrobes, and nightsuits.
  • Bags & Totes: Snack bags, drawstring bags, clutches, and beach bags.
  • Accessories: Mugs, mason jars, Bluetooth speakers, sippers, monogrammed shawls, travel mugs, sunglasses cases, toiletry kits, and personalized hats.

You can curate your own gift hamper by selecting from a variety of items such as hooded towels, onesies, bibs, blankets, and soft toy rattles. The customization options allow you to create a personalized gift that suits the recipient's needs and preferences.

The Little Gift Co offers both hand-painted and stainless steel crockery that can be customized with unique designs. These personalized items make for special and thoughtful gifts.

Yes, The Little Gift Co provides a range of personalized stationery items, allowing you to choose your own designs and add names for a unique touch. These are perfect for gifting on special occasions like Rakhi.

The store offers various clothing and bathwear items including aprons, pop denim jackets, T-shirts (holographic and family), slides, towels, bathrobes, and nightsuits for men and women.

The Little Gift Co has a variety of bags and totes for both kids and adults, including snack bags, denim drawstring bags, envelope clutches, and beach bags.

Yes, they offer a wide range of accessories including frosted mugs, mason jars, hairbrushes, LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, bottle sippers, monogrammed shawls, bling sippers, insulated travel mugs, sunglasses cases, toiletry kits, and personalized hats.

To place an order, visit their website, browse through the categories, select the items you wish to purchase, customize them as per your preference, and proceed to checkout. Detailed instructions and options are available on their site to guide you through the process.

Yes, The Little Gift Co offers a range of gift items for newborns, including curated hampers, individual items like hooded towels, onesies, bibs, blankets, face towels, booties, and soft toy rattles.

Yes, The Little Gift Co provides a selection of return gifts suitable for various occasions and events.